The legal profession is one of the pillars of achieving justice in society

Since the beginning of a person’s landing on the surface of the earth and his contact with everything around him, he faces many problems, and then his preoccupation is to solve them, and we always find the most difficult problems that he faces, and it is difficult for him to solve them, which arise from a dispute with others, regardless of who is at fault or who he’s right.

Based on this principle, the legal profession emerged, and it is the profession performed by those who have the ability to search for evidence that proves the right to the right holder.

Lawyer …. who is he? What are his qualifications?

Everyone knows that the study of the lawyer is based mainly on studying laws in their various fields. There are civil and criminal laws and others for personal status and those that are concerned with legal practices and contracts, and other areas of laws that are developed by the legislative authorities in the country.

However, it is not sufficient for the lawyer to be a student and is only familiar with all of these laws, rather he must have several qualifications and personal qualities that make him a highly qualified lawyer. Persuasion and gathering evidence and proofs that help him convince the judicial authorities, and of course he must have good behavior and skill to help him easily reach all the necessary evidence that helps him defend the right of his client, and one of the most important qualities that help the lawyer a lot in his work is that he is a social person and has multiple relationships About him help him easily reach what he wants.

The lawyer must also have the ethics of the profession that requires him to respect the opponent, especially his colleague, the lawyer who takes charge of the defense of his client’s opponent, and he must follow all legitimate methods in searching for papers and evidence that guarantee the return of the right to the wronged, as one of the basic roles of the lawyer in society is to assist The authorities to achieve justice and equality, restore rights to their owners, and strive to spread values ​​and principles among members of society.

The lawyer must take care of his tactfulness, which facilitates many and many steps that help him reach papers and evidence that will help in the case he is charged with defending.

The importance of the legal profession to the individual and society

The lawyer is a very important member of society, and the legal profession in general is one of the professions necessary for its presence in any society. The profession does not represent great importance to individuals only, but also to companies and institutions, large or small.

The importance of the lawyer lies in his great role in defending the right of the oppressed, restoring his right, and maintaining the implementation of the laws enacted by the state. It is also one of the lawyer’s priorities to defend human rights to live a decent and safe life.

Rights and duties of the legal profession in Bahraini society

By looking carefully at the Bahraini law firm, the lawyer has many rights in Bahraini society that he must obtain, and he also has duties that he must perform for society.

For example, according to Article 23 of the Bahraini Lawyer Law, the lawyer must enjoy a lot of facilities provided to him by the authorities and bodies related to the legal profession in order for him to easily practice his profession and access all the evidence that helps him in defending the right of his client or the party that authorized him to defend The right to demand and this is the text of the aforementioned article ( Courts, authorities and other bodies in which a lawyer exercises his profession before them must provide him with the facilities required by him to carry out his duty and they must allow him to attend the investigation and review the case papers unless this affects the progress of the investigation. Proof of this is in the case papers in writing )

As for Article 25 of the Bahraini Lawyer Law, it obligates the lawyer to establish his own office to practice his profession through him, and he must inform the competent authorities, namely the Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs, of the location and address of this office in order for him to be authorized.

Article 28 of the same law stipulates the following: It is not permissible for a lawyer to waive the power of attorney at an inappropriate time, and he must notify his client by a registered letter of his assignment and continue in the defense position for a month at most whenever the interest of the client so requires, and the court must postpone the case for a period sufficient to appoint a lawyer else.

All these materials and others highlight the extent of the Bahraini community’s interest in the legal profession, and this interest was achieved by allocating parties concerned with the implementation of these laws, so that the lawyer guarantees his right and then practices his profession to the fullest.

Bahrain Bar Association

It is an association whose primary concern is the legal profession in Bahrain and everything related to it, and the association is based on a board of directors of lawyers in Bahrain who have been chosen by their colleagues in the same association, and its role is also based on defending the rights of lawyers in the Kingdom and ensuring that they can easily practice their profession Without obstacles that would harm the lawyer as a person or as one of the workers in the profession.

But its role is not only limited to that, but it also provides legal advice to those who need it, whether it is a lawyer practicing the profession, or someone outside the profession but wants to ask about a case or matter of law affairs.

The association also provides a range of services to its members, including training courses that it provides to the member that will improve the performance of the lawyer in terms of his work or his advocacy or even the ways in which he can obtain the papers that concern his case.

The association has also launched an official website for it to keep pace with the current technological progress and to facilitate the members to contact the association without the need to go to the association’s headquarters unless required to do so. This association is considered an aspect of the Bahraini community’s interest in the legal profession, and a form of guaranteeing the rights of a lawyer and reassuring him that there is a competent authority to preserve his rights and activate all laws that stipulate the rights of the lawyer, whether in terms of legal rights or material rights.

The legal profession is a noble profession practiced by the great members of society, and everyone who has the ability to search and scrutinize the secrets of the law and exploit all possible resources to acquit his client or recover his rights, which spreads the principles of justice between individuals and society as a whole.

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