Driving without a driver’s license or insurance

Drivers in Bahrain should know that driving without a driver’s license or car insurance is not permitted in the country. According to the new traffic laws, these two acts are considered traffic offenses and will be punished with penalties according to the law.

Driving in Bahrain is completely safe. The roads are wide and well-maintained and the fuel is cheap compared to most countries around the world so it’s no wonder why people out there love to drive. It is safe and cost effective.

In general, people in Bahrain travel safely. Although the number of fatal traffic accidents is greater compared to the last few years, it is still one of the safest countries in the world to drive. However, the increase in the number of accidents was a sign for the authorities to take measures and protect people who want to get safely from one place to another. The number of accidents may increase due to the increase in the number of cars registered in recent years, but the increasing number of people who were injured or died due to car accidents should not be neglected..

That is why the new Traffic Law was passed in 2015. Even then, misdemeanor traffic fines in Bahrain were low and bad drivers could afford to drive recklessly. With the start of fines up to 5 dinars Or 10 dinars Because of the extra speed, driving without a license, or driving under the influence, the consequences weren’t terrifying enough.

However, the Bahraini authorities took this situation very seriously and decided to remedy this situation through the law through the imposition of more severe penalties. With fines ten times larger than before, drivers now think twice before breaking the law.

Among other things, the fines for driving without a driver’s license and driving an uninsured vehicle have been significantly increased. According to Article 47 of the Traffic Law, anyone who drives a car without a driver’s license will face a prison sentence of up to six months and / or a fine from 50 BHD to 500 BHD. Of course, the judge will only issue a fine of 50 dinars for the first-time violator. However, if someone appears in court multiple times for driving without a driver’s license, they face real treatment serving a prison sentence.

The same rules apply to driving an uninsured vehicle. Although an unlocked vehicle does not necessarily pose a threat to traffic and public safety, some safety risks need to be addressed and sanctioned as a traffic offense. Uninsured and unregistered car, not checked regularly. There may be some issues with these vehicles that make them unsafe for the driver, his family, and all other participants in traffic. This is why you should always consider insuring and registering your vehicle. Don’t let the opportunity decide about you and your family’s safety. The police may arrest you and fine, or you may not. If this law happens to you, expect to be fined between 50 and 500 Bahraini Dinars or serve a prison sentence of up to six months according to Article 47 of the Traffic Law.

Benefits of your car insurance

It is true that you may get away and run despite the sanctions. However, it is not wise to drive an uninsured vehicle. If you are still wondering whether you should insure your car in Bahrain, keep in mind that if you have been in a car accident and your car is not insured.:

–  you must pay a fine and perhaps serving a prison sentence

–  You must pay for the damage to other vehicles yourself

–  must pay for damage to your car yourself

–  you have incurred medical costs must cover any person injured in the accident if the cause of this is your fault

–  You will have to cover all expenses in case damages are caused by adverse weather conditions, such as sandstorms

For help with any legal issues related to traffic laws penalties or your vehicle insurance, contact us for a consultation. If you want to avoid harsh punishments and easily maintain your family’s budget, contact us for advice.

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