Who are we

Al Markh Advocates and Legal Consultants is a leading legal firm in Bahrain. It was established in 1981, and its goal was to provide the best legal services and advice throughout Bahrain. Our office is strategically located in Manama, Bahrain, which makes it very easy for clients to visit us in order to attend meetings or discussions. The legal institution is supported by a team of legal experts who make every effort to obtain the satisfaction of their valued clients. Our services go beyond the boundaries of legal consultation to encompass all aspects of corporate and individual legal needs. All cases are treated equally regardless of their sources, by making use of the efforts of our most experienced team capable of creating an appropriate environment that guarantees success and satisfaction. Al Markh’s professional team of lawyers has extensive and specialized experience (with a successful track record) in many legal fields including consultation, arbitration, immigration, residency permits, real estate taxes, income taxes, insurance for social services, real estate, work, employment, trademarks and Intellectual property, as well as managing legal affairs for companies, banks and financial institutions and drafting contracts. We strive to preserve the interests of our customers and make them the priority of anything else we do, and we are working determinedly to meet all their needs. The good reputation enjoyed by the company is due to our great commitment to finish all work on time and on budget when it comes to litigation disputes between any parties, we do our utmost efforts to ensure that the interests of customers are best served while avoiding the exorbitant costs and long repeated attempts.

Why Choose Us?

Clarity and honesty

Al-Markh Advocates and Legal Consultants will speak with you frankly and clearly about all your expectations.

People skills

In addition to possessing the required intellectual qualification, lawyers must possess the appropriate personality to interact with other persons.

Competitive prices

It is important to avoid choosing the services of a law firm based solely on costs.

Our Core Values

. We work to fulfill our shared social responsibilities by actively responding to the dynamic community and the improvements being added to the legislation on shared values.

Safety Health

We care about the safety and security of our team and this is the main key to our success as we provide them with a healthy and wonderful work environment.


We work to inspire each other with important work, that are full of goals, and we work on the development that fills the challenge.


We do not accept compromises on our integrity, honesty, or fairness.


We actively build our diverse, exclusive and collaborative work environment in which all perspectives are welcomed. Teamwork and merit-work are the cornerstones for us. We are proud of everything we do and how we do it and we enjoy the way we do our work.


We build long-term, positive relationships with our clients and colleagues that are built on trust, respect and cooperation.


We provide an excellent level of service and do our business right from the first moment. Our reputation depends on our values ​​that we offer to our clients and our community.

Sustainable System

We believe in and strongly support our system. We have improved the standard of life in our system in which we operate by respecting the local culture, integrating local people and protecting our environment.

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